About Us

Old Money Capital is founded by Vaibhav Puranik (VP). He has been living in Los Angeles since 2005. He started his real estate stint in 2008 by doing part time property management. He has real estate investments in LA area as well as Texas. Some of his investments have yielded him more than 30% IRR!

In his other avatar, VP has been working with an AI technology company as head of their engineering department. He manages the entire engineering team of the company (80+ engineers).

Hemel Gandhi, based in Sacramento, CA, brings years of real estate experience to our team, much like his colleague, Vaibhav. His journey in the field has led him to acquire a diverse array of single-family and multifamily properties. Hemel is genuinely enthusiastic about real estate and believes in the importance of a diversified investment portfolio.

In addition to his real estate pursuits, Hemel has played a significant role in product leadership within several companies, including a stint at a real estate property management firm, where he applied his industry knowledge to enhance their product offerings.